How to create your own chalkboard art

March 21, 2016 1 Comment

How to create your own chalkboard art

I am obsessed with chalkboard art! OBSESSED! I am always in awe of how amazing they look. I recently figured out a way to get that look without hiring a professional to do it for you! 
You will need Chalk markers, I used Chalk Ola chalk markers which are amazing BTW! 
You can buy them on Amazon. 
You will also need 1 regular piece of chalk, a chalkboard, a print out of your favorite design, a pencil and some paper towel.
First you will need your image, you can either download one (i found this on pinterest, I could not find the source though!) Or you can design your own. Resize the image to fit your chalkboard and print on regular printer paper. 
Next flip the image over and cover the back of the image with chalk. 
I used colored chalk so it would show up. Any color is fine. 
Next tape your image, chalk side down, to the chalkboard. 
Next trace over the entire image with a pencil. 
The chalk on the back will transfer any traced area. 
Then use your chalk markers to draw over the transferred image. 
Now this looks great, but it looks a little too clean. I wanted that authentic chalkboard look. 
Take a white piece of chalk and rub it all over the image. 
This will scuff up your original image a bit and give it more of an authentic chalkboard look. Wipe off with a dry paper towel and your done!
its that simple!! Now you can make your own professional
looking lettered chalk board art! 

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margot bissell
margot bissell

February 11, 2017

Question: Having never used chalk board markers, do they clean off for the next image? And how? Thank you. Loved your demo.

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