Big Shop Update

January 04, 2017

Big Shop Update

Happy New Year!

Wow, its already 2017. I can't get over how quickly the years go by. New years for me is all about new goals both in my business and personal life. One of my big personal goals this year is to spend more quality tim with my family. This was a major reason for my job change last year. I knew I could no longer work full time and continue to run my business. So I choose my passion and now run my business full time. 
This has been a huge adjustment for me. It took me a couple of weeks of feeling like I was on vacation all the time to realizing how much work I really had to do. Then I worked 15 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 week straight. I don't recommend that to anyone & I don't ever want to do that again. 

Now that I have had some time to reflect, and really think about how I want to run my business. I have had some things on my mind for months and I feel like now is the time to put this all into place. 

I am a creative person and don't get me wrong, I love being at home creating every day, I am truly blessed to be able to say that this is my job, but something is missing. My mind is full of new product ideas, but I am never really creating anything new. Its the same things over and over. I have had a new idea for a new christmas line for years. I even have all the fabric, ribbon & supplies, what I don't have is the time. I am so grateful for every order that comes through my shop. But I feel like the business is running me, I am always filling the orders and really do not get much time to get the creative stuff out & made. I feel like that is holding me back from really fulling my purpose, my dreams, my passion. When I am making new items I am focused, driven, excited. I love seeing my vision all come together. I love the excitement from you when you see the new pieces I have designed.



So here it is, the big news that I am so excited but terrified to share. Drumroll please........

The shop will be ready made items only!

I will no longer be taking orders. Now I know some people are not going to like this change, change is hard and not everyone likes it, but this is a really good thing. 

What does this mean for you, well for one, you will get things much quicker. All items will now be ready to ship, this means no more waiting 2-3 weeks for the item you ordered. I can be a huge procrastinator, so it will be nice to still get a gift for that last minute party you forgot about!  You will also have a new selection of items more often & i hope to be able to make more of each item available!  I can get 25 of one item made much quicker than 25 different items.

Having ready made items will allow me the time I need to create new products. It will allow me to make products that I am excited about and to constantly have new products available. It will allow me to run my business the way it works for my family. Which we all need. Some of my regular items will be available in my restocks, but they will be made already and ready to ship to you. 


Now I know you are asking, how will all of this work??
I will be communicating mostly via my Instagram page. So be sure to follow along! 

I plan now to have products available weekly.
Look for updates for my Handmade Market! 
The first one will be Friday, January 6 @3:00 pm cst

Each Handmade Market will be posted a few days in advance so you can plan for them. I will have a variety of items available each time but in limited quantities. When they are sold out, they will be gone until the next market. I simply can not take custom orders at this time. I may open up times to do that as I am able. 

Thank you for supporting my business and understanding my reasons behind this big change. I am super excited and can not wait to bring you fun new one of a kind home decor! 

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