Diy Rainbow Wreath

April 08, 2020

Diy Rainbow Wreath

Hi friends! So it’s looking like we will be safer at home for a while,so I teamed up with @Michaelsstores to show you how toquickly make this DIY rainbow using things you most likelyalready have at home.

You can download my free pattern from my blog, the direct link isabove in my profile.

Here is what you will need:

•Cardboard (any kind or color)


•Supplies to wrap around the rainbow arches such as yarn,ribbon, washi tape, fabric strips, etc

Use the pattern as a guide to cut out your rainbow. You canmake this as large or small as you would like.

Use glue (hot glue works best) to secure your fiber to the end ofthe rainbow. On the other side, secure again with glue. Wrap eacharch until you have finished.

Cut another piece of cardboard slightly smaller than your originalrainbow. This will be your back. Glue each arch to the backer.That’s it!

This can be “Art Class” for the kids! What a fun way to brightenup your day! I can’t wait to see your rainbows! Please tag mewhen you make them! #MakeItWithMichaels #ad

Please print this pattern & use it to make a rainbow reach of your very own!


Diy Rainbow Wreath

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