We know that our gnomes can be hard to come by, we have heard you and have created a new program based on customer requests!  We now have an opportunity for you to get a gnome each month! 

How it works:
On the 1st of each month we will release a new gnome. 
We will have 2 way's to purchase the gnome, you can either choose to subscribe, or you can make a a one time purchase. 
*Once they are sold out, you can no longer sign up that month. You will have to wait until the 1st of the next month to enroll. 

- Automatically get a gnome each month. 
- Get free shipping in the US
- Can cancel at anytime. Simply log into your account to cancel. 

Quantities will be limited each month, you can make a one time purchase, but when they sell out we will not be making more. Subscribers will always get a gnome each month! 

Gnomes will ship the last week of each month! 

Featured Gnome of the month