Craft Nights Just got even better!
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We have created 4 new DIY wood wreath & banner kits. One for each month September through December! Great for craft nights, parties, or just crafting at home with your kids!

Here's how it works!
  • You purchase a wreath kit for one month, or all 4 if you would like.
  • Purchase a wreath, garland and any other wreath making accessories at your favorite craft store, but personally we are in love with Micheals wreath making selection!
  • Paint, decoupage, cover in fabric, glitter your DIY wood pieces.
  • Attach dry finished pieces to your wreath using ribbon, floral wire, or twine.
  • Hang wreath on your door for everyone to see!
  • The next month, you simply change out the pieces, and you can even use the same wreath or you can change it up if you would like!
We will also have coordinating DIY wood banner kits as well!

Each kit will come with the unfinished wood items shown, a supply list and a list of the exact colors & items that I used to create the finished look. I will also be showing some simple how to's on instagram to help you out! Our kits are designed to match and coordinate. You can mix and match pieces from each months collection.

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