Do you feel like there is never enough time in your day to get everything done?
There is hardly time to clean house and do laundry let alone do any of the fun stuff right?

Maybe there is a new project you have been putting off way to long, maybe you run a small business and have a list a mile long or a new book you can't seem to find the to read. You meant to go to the gym but simply ran out of time.

Do your days make you feel like you are constantly playing catch up?
If you ever feel like your day flew by, you were plenty busy but didn't really accomplish much then you came to the right place!
I felt the same way for a really long time.
I would buy a planner, have great intentions,
and then everything would get
thrown off course for one
reason or another.

Then I started to do some research...
It took me some time, a little more than a year but I finally mastered using a planner and making it a daily habit. I did a ton of research, reading, trial and error with a variety of planners and planning pages. Things began to change for me for the good. My business was growing and I was busier than ever.

I was asked daily if I ever slept. I was working full time Monday-Friday, 8-5 and running a business that was growing quite rapidly. Because of social media people at work could see just how busy I was once I got home, but then they also saw me in the office, happy bubbly, not at all tired and there too I was getting stuff done. I was known as the GSD girl because that's what I did, I got stuff done.

Soon I was asked to teach my planner method in a class that the office. We opened the class to 25 people, it filled up immediately. We offered this course a few more times and I had well over 100 people take it. The response were overwhelming! The reviews and feedback from the participants was mind blowing & I only had one hour to teach my methods.

I am Missy, the owner, creator & designer of
The little Green Bean.
I started my business as a hobby while recovering from surgery back in 2009. Over the first few years my business continued to grow at a very rapid rate and in 2016 I made the decision to leave corporate world and made The little Green Bean my full time job.
how to use a planner
I believe that any one can benefit from my course.
In 15-30 minutes each day I will teach you my techniques that have worked for so many others.
I will show you how to use a planner and love it.

I made planning a top priority and I am now able to make the most of each and everyday. Without my planning system I would still be working for someone else because I would not be getting as much done in the hours I allow myself for work each day.
In this course I will teach you step by step how to truly get more done in every single day. You will learn how to:
  • Create effective to do lists
  • Use a planner properly and love it
  • Make time for those things YOU really want to do,
  • Make meal planning and household tasks not feel like such a big chore
  • And several other little things that you can incorporate into your everyday life that will truly help you take back control and accomplish so much more!


Read what past participants have said about my course:
Alisson Shea
Owner of Ponto Mountain Paper

I'm a wife, mother, small business owner and full-time employee and was in need of serious time management help. This course works. Not only did it provide me with the tools I needed to help get organized it helped me learn to prioritize what needs to get done so I am able to enjoy my time away from work without constantly wondering what else needs to happen. It also helped me realize that planners are not a one size fits all and that some of my time management shortcomings have to do with how I am using my current planner. For the first time in over a year I feel like I am in control of my time and how I spend it and I'm getting things done.
Bailey Aro
Owner of White Spruce Market & Bailey Aro Photography

How to Get Stuff Done' turned my overwhelming mountain of to-dos into manageable, bite-sized pieces. After walking through each lesson of Missy’s course, I felt empowered to take action, instead of simply wheel-spinning. Talk about a game-changer! As a busy owner of two small businesses, I needed extra guidance to help me prioritize & get things done (while still allowing time for fun, play, and enjoying life!). Although I’ve used a planner for three years and consider myself well-versed in time management, I learned so many new tricks from Missy! My favorite part of the course is having a lasting community in the Facebook group, which is a huge help for accountability. If you’re looking to start running your day (instead of your day running you), this course is a perfect fit!

Course Details

I have made the course super easy to follow along with.

  • You will receive the course in it's entirety. Go through the course at your own pace with daily lessons or break it up into pieces that work with your own time & schedule.

  • You will receive this course which includes all of the course materials, worksheets, and links to other valuable online resources.

  • We also have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions & discuss each lesson, but only if you want to, this is not required but highly recommended. Not only will I be there to help you, so will all the other people who are learning right along with you. They can offer suggestions, ideas and just listen when you need that too.
I want to help you take back your day, be productive and have fun! Be able to do more in less time. Be mindful about each day. These days go by way too quickly, make the most of them!

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