Do you feel like there is never enough time in your day to get everything done? 

There is hardly time to clean house and do laundry let alone do any of the fun stuff right? 

Maybe there is a new project you have been putting off way to long, maybe you run a small business and have a list a mile long or a new book you can't seem to find the to read. You meant to go to the gym but simply ran out of time.Do your days make you feel like you are constantly playing catch up?If you ever feel like your day flew by, you were plenty busy but didn't really accomplish much then you came to the right place!

 I felt the same way for a really long time. I would buy a planner, have great intentions, and then everything would 

get thrown off course for one reason or another. Then I started to do some research...

It took me some time, a little more than a year but I finally mastered using a planner and making it a daily habit. I did a ton of research, reading, trial and error with a variety of planners and planning pages. Things began to change for me for the good. My business was growing and I was busier than ever. I was asked daily if I ever slept. I was working full time Monday-Friday, 8-5 and running a business that was growing quite rapidly. Because of social media people at work could see just how busy I was once I got home, but then they also saw me in the office, happy bubbly, not at all tired and there too I was getting stuff done. I was known as the GSD girl because that's what I did, I got stuff done. Soon I was asked to teach my planner method in a class at the office. We opened the class to 25 people, it filled up immediately. We offered this course a few more times and I had well over 100 people take it. The response were overwhelming! The reviews and feedback from the participants was mind blowing & I only had one hour to teach my methods.