Embroidery Stand | Desk & Lap Stand | Portable

Make your life simpler by adding this embroidery stand to your collection. You will find that using an embroidery stand allows you to embroider longer and faster. Your hands will not get as tired and you are not trying to hold the hoop while working. It's really a game changer for you. 

We made this stand with you in mind:

  • It's completely portable so it's easy to take on the go.
  • The pin will allow you to easily remove the arm and the stand will lay flat. This allows for simple storage, and on the go embroidery. 
  • It has 4 pivot points with comfort grip handles that make adjustments very easy for anyone. 
  • The 4.5" clamp allows for a variety of hoop sizes to be used on this stand. 
  • The base is beveled for comfort. When you use it as a lap stand, you don't have the pointy edges digging into your legs. 
  • We also made the base longer so that it is very sturdy on any flat surface and great to use while you sit on your bed or couch. 
  • The clamp will swivel to allow you easy access to the front and back side of your work. 
  • We added a metal disc to the front clamp to hold your needle minders.
  • All options will be engraved as show on the Jade option

Available in 6 color options. Choose from:

  • raw wood
  • dark walnut stain 
  • stained arm and painted base & clamp Jade green
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Creamy White

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