Intro to zippers | A video course

Are you intimidated by zippers, I was at first too. So we created this quick online course with you in mind! 

  • Our Intro to Zippers Course is designed for those feeling intimidated by zippers. It is a  comprehensive lesson to teach and reinforce the basics for experienced and inexperienced sewers alike. With our course, you'll be a zipper pro in no time.
  • Learn how to install a zipper with this online course. Get step-by-step instructions with this video tutorial, so you can build your skills quickly. Gain the confidence you need to successfully install a zipper, the first time and every time. 
  • This course was be recorded live and you can watch anytime you are ready & as often as you need to. 
  • A link to veiw the zipper course will be sent to you upon payment. 



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