10 reasons why you really do need a Dream Box

August 21, 2019

The Dream Box

When we bought our new home the first thing I said I wanted for my craft cottage was a dream box. I looked at photos practically drooling over the organization ability it had. Then I would talk myself right out of it. Until the next week when I again knew I needed one! I played this game with myself for quite sometime. Ultimately after spending the money on a new home I decided that I could do with out this glorious work of organizational art for now.... I bought some Ikea shelving and some clear containers and tricked myself into thinking this was just as good. 

Craft room shelving

Now don't get me wrong, I loved this shelving in my room. It was cute and functional enough. It worked just fine. You can see clear, organized containers. Cute shelves. It was all good. My room was clean, organized functional and beautiful. Just what I needed it to be.

Seven months later, They emailed me to see If I would want to work with them. How could I say no? (Just to be fully transparent, this is an #ad, I am giving a very honest review of the dream box.)

I got a dream box. 


Dream Box by The Original Scrapbox

WOW! Am I right? This was mind blowing to me. Same space, so much more stuff. And you know what else, I was able to free up so much other space in my room!

So here are my top 10 reasons why YOU NEED A DREAM BOX!

1) Everything is in one place!

Now even though I had everything organized and in it's proper place, things were in different bins, containers and shelves all over my cottage. Now everything is right here! 

2) You can clearly see all of your stuff!

I can not tell you how many times I have purchased something not once, or twice but even 3 times because I forgot I even had it. Yup! We all do it. I am so guilty. Which is why now I store everything in clear containers!! 

3) The acrylic bins are included!

So all the clear bins that I love, this baby comes with them! I dare you to even try to find something close out there. Trust me, I've looked. There is nothing close. The bins that are included with the dream box are genius! They are clear, come in 3 different sizes and have optional divider inserts as well! 

Dream Box

4) If you have a small space, the dream box is perfect! 

When I started crafting over 20 years ago, something like this would have been perfect for me. I was creating from a bedroom closet with bins and boxes of stuff everywhere! But my first house was small and I didn't have any place to have a craft room! I would have loved a Dream Box way back then too. It has a table that folds right up in the box and makes having a crafting area a possibility for anyone, regardless of the size of your home!

5) It closes up. Crafting mess, be gone! 

I know that I am a little over the top when it comes to cleanliness and organization. I work best in that type of environment. That is not the case for all though, and that is totally OK. You can have your dream box as organized or not as you want, the beauty is this baby will fold up and close. You can hid your mess in seconds! 

6) No need to have other storage containers

My room was full of bins, totes, shelves, and a myriad of cute things from hobby lobby cluttering up my counter tops. I was able to get rid of all of it. It opened up space on my counters to work, it gave more more wall space for sure things and now I have everything all in one easy to find spot! 

7) They have thought of everything for you

As far as storage goes, they have thought of everything! It doesn't matter if you sew, do paper crafts, scrapbook, woodwork, paint, etc. This will hold it all and has the appropriate spaces! It has rods to hold ribbon and wash tape, hooks for your scissors and other tools, bins to hold things upright, bins for your paper to lay flat. I could go on and on! They really have thought of it all when it comes to crafting storage. 

8) It's constructed beautifully

Who doesn't like to have cute, pretty things to look at in their craft space. Walking into my room each day puts a smile on my face. Just looking at it makes me happy. But the construction of this beauty is really astonishing. They used high quality materials and hardware. Even my husband was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of this unit. It really is built to last forever. 

9) It's so versatile, it's really for anyone

It's not just for crafters! Anyone with any hobby can find a use for the dream box! Whether you scrapbook, sew, paint, craft, decorate cakes or any other hobby. If you have "stuff" the dream box is the ultimate place to put it all! 

10) There really is a place for everything

 There is a bin, a section and a holder for all the things. I was able to put so much more than I thought into my dream box. Between the bins and the dividers the shelves, the cubbies, there really is room for it all. Don't even get me started on all the amazing organizing add ons that you can also purchase! Everything has a home and that make this super organized crafter so happy!

The original Scrap box

I love it so much! I have to give a huge thank you to The Original Scrapbox, this is a dream to have in my cottage! If you are looking to get one of your very own, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and if you use my code GREENBEAN, you will get $100 off! 

Have a lovely day friends!



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