DIY Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Storage

August 17, 2019 6 Comments

Wrapping Paper Storage Tutorial

I needed better storage for all of my papers! We use a huge variety for our wood work and the paper was beginning to take over everywhere! So I began researching ideas for paper storage, and nothing was what I had envisioned. I found a paper holder I liked on Amazon that would work, but I knew we could build something that cost less and would hold so much more!

So Mike to the rescue! He built me exactly what I wanted! Keep in mind that this project can be made into any size that works for you! 

Wrapping Paper Holder

Here is what we used:

7- 6ft 1 x 2 boards

128- 1 inch metal hooks 

64- 1/2 inch Dowel Rods

Small clothes pins


We started with a blank wall. It was behind a door and didn't really get used for anything anyway! Mike measured out the space based on the length of the paper rolls. We have 2 longer sections about 36" wide and one shorter section that's about 24" wide. Then attached the boards to the wall.

 Wrapping Paper Holder

Wrapping Paper Holder Tutorial

Now it's time to add the hooks! He spaced the hooks about 2 1 /2 inches apart to leave plenty of room to get the paper on and off. 

DIY wrapping paper holder

The hooks are simply 1" cup hooks that you twist in with your hand! We did pre drill the holes to prevent to wood from splitting. 

Last he took the other 1 x 2 and placed it in between the 1st boards & on the ends to prevent the dowels from slipping off of the hooks. He used extra long screws to attach them to the wall. 

Now its time to add your paper! I simply inserted the dow through the roll and secured each end with small clothespins to keep them from unrolling!

This can be used for ribbon too!

ribbon storage tutorial

wrapping paper holder diy

Thats it! So simple to make, it takes up very little space and its great for storing all of your paper, ribbons, washi, etc!! Have fun creating your own storage! We would love to see what you build, so be sure to tag us on Insta! 




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January 03, 2021

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October 25, 2020

Can you share with us about how much this project costs? Thanks!

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Joanne Adkins
Joanne Adkins

August 17, 2019

I’m new to following you on Instagram and on Facebook and I am so happy I found you. This is a fantastic idea to use wasted space

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