How to create a winter wonderland craft show set up

November 05, 2018

How to create a winter wonderland craft show set up

We only do a few shows a year, but when we do, we go all out! 

This year I was completely inspired by a scene from the Gilmore Girls. It was a snowy day and they quickly showed the antiques store. Right away I noticed the white fence and a red and white striped light post and that was all it took. I immediately knew what I wanted to do for my Christmas craft show display! 

Craft Show Display

We quickly got to work planning and since my husband can literally build anything, he gathered the supplies we needed and made my vision come to life in a really big way! 

First the light posts. I knew I wanted big, tall red and white posts. So we bought 8" sauna tubes (they are used to our concrete into) We got them at the Menards Home Improvement stores. They are 4 feet tall, so we bought 5. He cut one in half and slip it in the center of the 2 so they could tack on top of each other. Then we used white duct tape to go over the seam. We spray painted them white and once they were dry we used red glitter ribbon from Michaels to wrap around the tubes. Craft show display

The "light" at the top is a 12" ornament that we painted silver.

We simply used zip ties to secure them to the fence.

Craft Show Display

Speaking of fence posts, he built those too. We purchase 5' cedar pickets and cut them to 4'. He then used 2 x 4's on the back. Attached the pickets to the 2 x 4's and then painted them white. Very simple and inexpensive!! 

Craft show display Boxes 

The boxes are my favorite. These are wood boxes that he built in 3 sizes. They stack inside each other for easy storage too. They are made from left over 2 x 4 pieces and 1/4" plywood. Once he built them, he rounded all the edges with a palm sander and painted white.  

Craft show display

We used more ribbon from Michaels to make the boxes look like a huge stack of presents! 

Once we were all set up I got out my fake snow and sprinkled it everywhere!

The display came together even better than I imagined and our weekend at the show was a huge success! 

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