Shop your craft supply stash!

June 01, 2017

Shop your craft supply stash!

I don't know about you but I am a shopper. I love to shop, mostly for craft supplies but hey, I love me some home decor too. After looking through my April and May receipts and then looking around my craft room, I decided that I needed to reign it in on the shopping and use more of what I have on hand!

craft supply hoarder

Anytime I want to make something new, I always find a reason to venture out to the local craft stores, yes, stores. I have 3 big box stores that I frequent and 1 adorable little quilt shop. I am a SUCKER for cute fabric. I mean how can you resist it??

 Fabric Storage

This June I am not buying anything, ok well not anything but pretty much if it doesn't have an immediate need, it's not coming home with me. Now if the kids need new shorts because they grew over the winter, that's different. I am talking about the impulse buys at the Target dollar spot, that spot gets me Every. Single. Time #wellplayedtarget The browsing of amazon at midnight, and I must resist the urge to run to Michaels because I have a 60% off coupon. I mean really, they ALWAYS have coupons! washi tape holder

So many of you have asked how I keep my room organized. How do I even know what I have on hand? Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. I am kind of a neat freak so for me keeping it clean is key. I clean up as soon as I start to feel like things are a mess and I can feel myself getting fidgety. 

2. Sort your items, keep buttons with buttons. Ribbon with ribbon. Etc. I like to keep mine in clear containers sorted by color. 

3. Make a donate box, donate the items you don't use anymore. Maybe its no longer your style or you just don't love it. I say, if it doesn't bring you Joy then toss it in the box! 

4. Clean out those closets and drawers, get things out where you can see them. Once I re organized my room, I found I was using things more simply because they were out in the open! 

5. Decorate your craft area with your supplies! 

Store ribbon in clear jars

I posted about this on Instagram just a few days ago, and got an amazing response! So many of you can relate, which makes this girl feel a whole lot better! So lets have a no spend challenge month! 

 Each Thursday in June I will post a list of 3-4 supplies, your challenge for the week is to make something, anything you want with those items, one or any combination of them as long as you already have them in your possession. Post your creation on Instagram and tag it with the hashtag #madewithwhatihave Each week I will select a winner!

It will be so fun to stretch our imaginations, use what we have, be creative and not spend any unnecessary money! I think this is a WIN-WIN! Create Your own Space

 Now hop on over to my Instagram feed to see todays challenge! Don't worry, you will have an entire week to participate! 


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