My new Ikea Desk!

November 03, 2016

My new Ikea Desk!

The comments I have received on my new desk have literally blown me away! So many of you have been asking about where I got my desk, well here you will find all of the details so you can DIY one too! It was super easy!

I bought all of the pieces to make this desk and the shelves on the wall from IKEA. If you go to their website you can even select the pieces ahead of time and it will generate a list for you telling you exactly where to pick them up, no need to even go to the show room, but why would you want to skip that part! 

My Ikea Desk shopping list:

We also bought 3 metal brackets at the hardware store to hold the 2 desk tops together, I didn't like how the stand alone legs looked and they got in my way. 

I love this space and now that I am officially my own #girlboss, I am thrilled!!

I hope this helps you create your own dream space! You can mix and match the items to make them work for you!








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