Ruffled Duvet Cover from sheets - A Tutorial

April 17, 2017

Ruffled Duvet Cover from sheets - A Tutorial

Recently I found myself searching for new bedding but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. I searched online for hours and found things that were close but nothing quite right. I had a definite picture in my mind. So I decided I would make it myself. I went and bout these flat sheets at wal-mart  and got to work. 

the little green bean

I purchased 2 king and 3 queen flat sheets for the cover. 

First I washed all of the sheets, they are going to shirk so you want to wash them before you make your items. 

I used the king flat as my base, I purchased 2 for the top and bottom. Then I took the other sheets and began tearing them into long strips in varying widths. I had 1", 3", 4" & 6" strips. Then I ruffled all of them. I used this video tutorial on making the ruffles, I wish I would have know this trick years ago! It was so easy to make the ruffles. 

After I had several ruffles made I began pinning them in place to the top of my duvet. 

Once I like the arrangement I top stitched all the ruffles in place. This took some time to do and since it was so large, I found it easier to roll up the top and un rolled as I went so I didn't have so much fabric on my sewing table. 

Once all the ruffles were attached I sewed the top and bottom together leaving approx 3 feet open along the bottom edge.


I attached 6 buttons along the bottom opening. I then used the feature on my Juki home sewing machine to make the bottom holes. 

Thats it! This was a super easy project. Now it did take approx 8 hours to make and attach all of the ruffles but i just had a movie on while I worked and the time flew by! 

I made all of the pillows and shams to match as well. This complete set was less than $70 to make myself. I found the perfect striped sheet set to match from Target. 

A fresh new look for very little money! Its exactly what I wanted! 



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