Top 5 Cricut Must Have products!

April 12, 2018

Top 5 Cricut Must Have products!

I am often asked about my favorite tools. At the very top of my list are my cricut products. So here are my top 5 cricut must haves. If you like to work with fabric, paper, iron on, vinyl, or any other craft medium you need these cricut tools in your life! 

My first pick is hands down my Cricut Maker

Why I love it:

It cuts like no other cutting machine I have used. I get clean, precise cuts every time. 

It's easy to use. In a combination with Cricut Design Space, you can design and create anything. No more cartridges either, simply upload individual designs as you want to use them. No design background needed to use this software, its super user friendly and there are a ton of tutorials on you tube and the cricut home page! 


cricut maker - top 5 cricut tools - the little green bean

My next Favorite item is the cricut Easy Press

This was a tool I didn't think I needed until I used one. 

It's seriously that amazing! You simply set the temp, set the timer and it does the rest. You need to apply light pressure but nothing like you had to do with an iron. 

If you work with any type of iron on material, you need this press! 

It's also square, so no weird iron marks or outlines on your project. You get a nice smooth finish! 

Cricut Easy Press-The top 5 cricut must haves-the little green bean

My 3rd favorite cricut product is the marker kit

If you are a card maker you won't want to be without these markers. They take card making and paper crafting to a whole new level! Vibrant colors and the work like a dream in your cricut maker or explore.

Next is the Cricut essentials tool set

I use every tool in this set on a regular basis. I also use them for a variety of projects, not just vinyl or paper crafting. The scissors are nice and sharp, great for cutting fabric too! 

Cricut Essentials Tool Set- Top 5 cricut Must haves- the little green bean

And last but certainly not least are the ultra grip cutting mats.

I have used other mats with other machines and they've got nothing on the cricut mats. They last much longer, have a stronger grip and even can be gently washed with warm water and reused a bit! Personally I use the purple one the most, its the ultra grip. I use this with bonded fabric more than anything. It also works great for glitter iron on!

Cricut Ultra Grip Cutting Mats

So there you have it! My top 5 favorite cricut products! If you want to know more or have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments! 

This blog post does contain affiliate links, but I only ever recommend products and services that I truly believe it and use myself! 





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